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The California State Department of Education has described the “distinguished” Fremont faculty as “exemplary teachers who develop within students a genuine enthusiasm and love of learning.”  Fremont teachers actively seek opportunities for each student.  Fremont has a Reading and Language Arts specialist who works with selected students.  Many of the faculty members have been mentors or are serving as Master Teachers for teachers-in-training from local universities. Many of our teachers have Masters Degrees in Education and quite a few have been teacher-trainers for the district.

Contact Cassandra Richards  Cassandra Richards Principal
Office Staff
Contact Elizabeth Dilts  Elizabeth Dilts Secretary
Support Staff
Contact Lee Ayala  Lee Ayala Playground Director
Contact Shannon Carter  Shannon Carter RSP
Contact Lori Dowe  Lori Dowe Speech
Contact Allison Foumai  Allison Foumai Media Assistant
Contact Bob Gallandt  Bob Gallandt Instrumental Music
Contact Patrick Gibson  Patrick Gibson Chorus
Contact Vanessa Grant  Vanessa Grant Playground AIde
Contact Megan Hellmann  Megan Hellmann Occupational Therapist
Contact George Kirkendolph  George Kirkendolph Custodian Supervisor
Contact Lisa Matheson  Lisa Matheson Cafeteria Supervisor
Contact Sara Moore  Sara Moore RSP Aide
Contact Samantha Morrison  Samantha Morrison Kid's Club Supervisior
Contact Bridgette Myers  Bridgette Myers Psychologist
Contact Allen Williams  Allen Williams Custodian
Contact Mia Yan  Mia Yan Nurse