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Administration and Staff

The California State Department of Education has described the “distinguished” Fremont faculty as “exemplary teachers who develop within students a genuine enthusiasm and love of learning.”  Fremont teachers actively seek opportunities for each student.  Fremont has a Reading and Language Arts specialist who works with selected students.  Many of the faculty members have been mentors or are serving as Master Teachers for teachers-in-training from local universities. Many of our teachers have Masters Degrees in Education and quite a few have been teacher-trainers for the district.

  Christopher Loundsbery (562) 439-6873 ex: 208 Principal
Office Staff
  Elizabeth Dilts (562) 439-6873 ex: 100 School Secretary
Support Staff
  Lee Ayala Playground Director
  Allison Foumai (562) 439-6873 ex: 222 Media Assistant
  Patty Loera Playground Aide
  Lisa Matheson (562) 439-6873 ex: 246 Cafeteria Sup.
  Samantha Morrison (562) 439-6873 ex: 221 Kid's Club Sup.
  Angela Niehaus (562) 439-6873 ex: 115 Speech/Lang.
  Gashun Ware Playground Aide
  Allen Williams Custodian
  Amy Williams Staff