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Surfing Technology

Hour of Code

What is Computer Science?

"Think about things in your everyday life that use computer science: a cell phone, a microwave, a computer, a traffic light… all of these things needed a computer scientist to help build them.” 


“Computer science is the art of blending human ideas and digital tools to increase our power. Computer scientists work in so many different areas: writing apps for phones, curing diseases, creating animated movies, working on social media, building robots that explore other planets and so much more."

"Anyone can learn code"

Learn more about Hour of Code.

"Learning to Write Programs Stretches Your Mind" ~Bill Gates

Explore this site and learn:

"In partnership with, we’re challenging 10 million youth to participate in the Hour of Code. That means just one hour of learning the basics of computer science. It’s easy, fun and you can do it for free with one of our free tools below. Start right now!"

Microsoft-Hour of Code

Learn more about Microsoft-Hour of Code.


Suggests a few apps/or web based programs that will support students in learning code.  Just search for the following:

  1. Move the Turtle (Apple app-est. $2.99)
  2. Cargo-Bot (Apple app-free)
  3. Daisy the Dinosaur (Apple app-free)
  4. Scratch (MIT students/staff developed-Web platform)
  5. GameStar Mechanic (Web platform)

Learn more about Edutopia.

ST Math (MIND)

What is ST Math ?

"In the early 1990s, three University of California researchers united in a simple yet innovative idea: let's teach math the way children learn-visually. Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math is the leader in visual math instruction and represents the highest quality and most effective blended learning math solution. Created by MIND Research Institute, ST Math is game-based instructional software for K-5 and secondary intervention and is designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning.  Integrating with classroom instruction, ST Math Incorporates the latest research in learning and the brain and promotes mastery-based learning and mathematical understanding."

~Mind Research

Connect to Student LBUSD to access ST Math through the "Student Portal"

Learn more about ST Math tech requirements (Note: ST Math is an outside resource and users are attempting to connect from home, LBUSD has no control over connection issues)

Convenient Apps for iPad or Kindle are also available to access ST Math from home

Listen about ST Math and do a sampling of 3rd grade interactive fractions.

Play a demo game.