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Message from PTA President

A Special Message from our PTA President:

Believe in Our Children, Believe in PTA!


What is Fremont PTA?


Okay, I’ll confess that I had a certain, not-so-great, impression of PTAs when we first started elementary school—BUT I have since learned that at Fremont PTA, we do it right!  Fremont’s PTA is made up of dads, grandparents, moms, teachers, alumni, and community members who are stay-at-home-parents, physicians, artists, small business owners, educators, corporate leaders, social workers, and many more…all who value the education and development of our kids!


What does Fremont PTA do?


We live in a great community and have a very supportive district.  However, there is only so much they are able to provide, which is where our Fremont PTA jumps into action! Here are just some of the programs that our PTA fully funds in order to give students an extraordinary school experience:


Science and Technology Labs                                 Playground Equipment and Supplies

Home Reading Club Program                                  School Beautification                                                

Author’s Day                                                             Meet the Masters Art Program

Classroom Setup Funds                                           Science Fair and Lab Night

Student of the Month Celebration                            Walk Through the Revolution & California Program

Classroom Aides                                                      Theatre Program

Art and Writing Clubs                                                Field Trips

Health & Safety Supplies                                          Reflections Art Program

Book Fairs                                                                 Parent volunteers in classrooms

Family Nights…and more!


How does Fremont PTA do it?


We wish there was an easier way, but the truth is none of this is possible without YOUR help!  There is the financial side, donating to our Jog-a-Thon fundraiser in the Fall and S.O.S. Support our School in the Spring, but there is also a massive need for you in other ways—like in the classroom working with students and teachers, after hours cutting and pasting student projects, or joining a PTA committee and helping coordinate one of our many events, programs and activities.  No matter how much or how little extra time you have, there is a spot calling your name!


I’m ready!  How do I get connected into all the fun?


Send me an email, a text, or give me a call!  I promise to respect your time and not chat too long!  Our Fremont PTA is a competent crew with a great sense of humor about PTA, volunteering, and parenting our kids!  You will have fun, meet new people, and be making a difference!  I hope to hear from you soon! 


Fremont PTA: Count Me In!



Jill Brubaker

2017-2018 Fremont PTA President

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